Sunday, 29 December 2013


People who look my artworks always try to find parallels with something or somebody they already know. It is normal. Anyone has been influenced by someones. I never took seriously such parallels or discussions about certain styles and so on. Artworks speak themselves. One day I found that I need to explain what I'm doing, why, how, and what is behind. Here I give you just brief statement. However, I'm sure it explains everything: what, why, and how...
The style of my art I titled: Deliberately Spontaneous Art. What is this? I explain below:
Usually my paintings, graphic works, small sculptures, and other art objects and performances are made spontaneously, but are always based on the surrounding reality, they all reflect anything that I find or observe every day. It is an art of nuances, emotions, feelings, hidden links, and symbols. Why so? We all live in a pretty spontaneous world, but nothing is random: things that we think appeared spontaneously are simply the results of reasons and someone’s deliberate actions when we have no knowledge of. It is always interesting to catch this process, observe and understand it... It is a permanent mind game that makes us Homo Sapiens.

To illustrate this I asked to make several snapshots of the “Wonder Unlimited” creation process. They clearly demonstrate Deliberately Spontaneous Art creation process.

I think that everything starts when I looked through Mikalojus Čiurlionis art album (exceptionally gifted Lithuanian artist and composer, classic representative of fin de siècle epoch). Then ... quiet walk in the woods after rain, listening forest, creeks, listening the sounds of waves, watching the flames, playing chess or checkers ... what’s the meaning of this? It’s time to fix all of these on canvas.

Associated fuzzy objects appeared from nowhere and started to live, and became tangible. A big snail delivers a strange dual feeling of nothing and microcosmical being of yourself and ... your wonder becomes unlimited. 

The progress.

Progress. Decorations (environment) in a life theater are important

Progress. Composition drafted.

Progress. Some color experiments.

Progress. Experiments continuing ... entropy increasing ... wonder increasing too...

Progress. Quite close to apotheosis.

Apotheosis of grotesque: The world created... Wonder Unlimited.

Every time when I start an artwork I don’t know what it will be. I just gather thoughts, symbols, and other elements around the core idea, which also may fluctuate ... like in the real world. I asked to make snapshots that witness the birth of another evidence of being here. Right from the white canvas, like “Creation of the World”: just from nothing, spontaneously but with deliberate purpose.

This is Deliberately Spontaneous Art.

Vladimir Kolosov